Patio Awnings & Pergola Awnings

Would you like to make more use of your outdoor space? Do you find that you end up going indoors on the sunniest days because it’s simply too hot on your patio? Are you sick of your barbecue being ruined by unexpected showers which force you indoors? A patio awning can resolve your problems.

Whether you’d love to be able to spend longer sitting outside on summer evenings sheltered from the cool night breezes or whether you’d appreciate a shady spot for reading on the hottest days of the year, a patio awning is the ideal solution. Designed to provide cover when you need it for your patio area or decking, it can help you to get even more enjoyment from your garden.

We supply and install only the highest quality patio awnings from the leading manufacturers in the industry, and thanks to our expertise and skill, you can be confident that you’ll be delighted with our fitting service. Our professional team will only use the best fixtures and fittings so that your awning will be safe, attractive and simple to use.

Our range of awnings comprise a great selection of colours and styles, so there’s sure to be one to suit your preferences and to complement your garden. Whether you’re looking for something neutral or something colourful, we can help you to get the look you desire so you can achieve the effect you’ve been hoping for. We have a selection of more than 170 different awning fabrics for you to pick from as well as 200 different frame colours, so it’s never been simpler to find the ideal look for you.

Our electric awning range is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. With single touch operation, it couldn’t be simpler to lower or raise your canopy or awning at a moment’s notice, helping you to let in more light whenever you want it or find protection from the sun within seconds. Our motorised awnings save you the time and effort of manually cranking the canopy into position and then reeling it back in when it is no longer needed. Even better, the automatic operation is virtually silent, so you and your neighbours won’t be disturbed by the noise.

Are you ready to make the most of your outdoor spaces this summer? Contact our professional and knowledgeable team today to find out more about how we can supply and install a premium quality patio awning at your home that will not only make your property’s exterior more attractive but will also help you to really enjoy your garden.

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