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Garage Conversions

Converting your garage from a one bay to a two bay is as simple as knocking down the wall between them whilst at the same time ensuring that the stability of the area isn’t compromised. By replacing the central wall between the two single garages with an RSJ, it’s possible to open up the space considerably so you’ll have more than enough room to park even a large vehicle while also having sufficient space for a washing machine and tumble dryer, a workbench or extra shelving.

When you’ve completed the project and converted both garages into a single large space, you can consider purchasing new frontage in the form of a large single door, or even have multiple access points for entry. Roller doors are a great option because they can come in all lengths to accommodate this new entrance space, especially if you plan on parking two cars in there with the ability to just reverse both of them out when needed, instead of at awkward angles.

Of course, it goes without saying that finding a reliable contractor to undertake the work is essential to ensure the best possible result, and when you choose us, you can be completely confident that all work will be carried out to the highest standard. Our skilled team are highly experienced in all aspects of garage conversion, so we can help you to create the perfect converted space for you that is safe, secure and, above all, aesthetically pleasing. Depend on us to use only premium materials to produce the result you desire so your home can be more spacious, more stylish and more practical to live in. If you’re ready to convert your garage in the south east of England, contact us today. We’re looking forward to helping you to maximise the use of your garage space.

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